Apple’s Senior VP of internet services, Eddy Cue, is at it again. After firefighting for the technology giant on Twitter when Taylor Swift opposed Apple Music’s royalty free trial period, he has tweeted to reveal further details regarding Apple’s coveted music industry project slated for a June 29 release.

He took to Twitter, for answering queries concerning Beats to Apple Music migration, a potential increase in the song limit for the Apple Music version of iTunes Match, as well as the availability of a new iOS 9 beta with the full Apple Music feature set.

Apple has confirmed that it will begin seeding iOS 8.4 OS on 30 June beginning 8am PST, thus trashing rumours about various launch dates for the new iOS increment.

A major announcement though, set to cheer up music lovers, is the fact that the song library in Apple Music will be revamped to support 100,000 songs, from the existing 25,000-song limit (in iTunes Match). However, this feature will go live only with the iOS 9 launch, and not with the iOS 8.4 beta, which will have the 25,000 library. The new music streaming service will incorporate all features present in iTunes Match. Existing users will not have to separately register for the Beats service.

The series of tweets by Eddy Cue are as follows:

What has interested me the most though, is that since both Match and Beats offer similar benefits, it would be super cool if Apple cuts down the price of iTunes Match in half if you were already an Apple Music subscriber. But I guess we’ll have to wait to hear anything about that. It’s good that Apple is coming out with clarity after it’s pretty muddled up Music presentation in the WWDC.


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