For those who didn’t know already, Taylor Swift was upset about the three month trial period Apple Music came with, as artists wouldn’t have been paid during this extended period if it hadn’t been for her. To show her disappointment, she said that she would be withholding her next album, 1989, from Apple’s new music streaming service.

Apparently, not only Swift, many other artists seem to be disgruntled about this policy of Apple Music.

Apple was quick to respond, with SVP and iTunes chief Eddy Cue saying on Twitter that the company was reversing its decision, and would be paying artists for tracks streamed during the long trial.

This decision from Apple was followed by a lot of positive response from artists, many indie labels were eager to sign up to provide their content to the service. Many of them had earlier withheld their work from the service because of the previous policy.

Following this, Swift, pretty much content with Apple’s decision announced today that her newest music album 1989, shall be available on the new streaming service.

For now, it is still not clear how much loss Apple will have to incur following this decision, considering the fact that the service is still kept free for users for first three months, while artists would still be receiving considerable royalties.


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