Microsoft Sway, the little known collaborative tool from Microsoft is debuting on iPad today, along with several improvements to the already available iPhone app. Microsoft has also announced that Sway will ship as a native app along with Windows 10 this summer.

Microsoft says that it will deliver a Sway native app experience for Windows 10 later this summer. The announcement further reads,

Sway for Windows will deliver a rich, touch-first experience that syncs your Sways across your devices and the web, helping you quickly create and share Sways that look great on any screen, for anyone you share with.

Just as with Windows 10, Sway’s initial release on Windows 10 will be for PC and tablets. And as has been with all of Micosoft’s software launches, Windows Phone Mobile users will have to wait. Till when ? That’s unspecified.

Sway, starting today, is also available for iPad, as is an updated version for iPhone.

In the iPhone update, it is now easier to add pictures, videos and text to your Sway. Previewing your creations is also quicker than before, a feature MS put in based upon user feedback—simply switch between Edit and Preview at the top to see the “polished and cohesive design” taking shape as you create.

Sway for iPad has been optimized for the larger screen. It allows you to create, view and share Sways in landscape and portrait mode and also includes a few additional capabilities, such as the Remix! button for quickly trying out different layouts and styles.


Apart from announcing Sway for iPad and Windows 10, Microsoft also says that Sway will now support Office 365 work and school credentials. You can log in to Sway for iPhone and iPad using the simplified sign in interface just like in Sway on the web, or Sway can automatically log you in using the same account credentials if you’re already signed into Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote on your iPhone or iPad.

As for availability, sway is also debuting in a host of new markets along with support for numerous new languages. While sway on the web already supported multiple langugaes, the iPad and iPhone versions will now support Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish (in addition to English). Sway for iPhone and iPad are also now available in the App Store for 43 new markets where those are official languages.


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