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Facebook Partners Up With Kaspersky To Secure Content On Its Website

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If you’re online more often than a general user, you probably know that a lot of content you receive through the Internet could be malicious and highly harmful to your system. In fact hackers have even found ways to get their malware or malicious content to your system through the seemingly harmless Facebook.

Thus, to make the website more secure, Facebook has decided to add Kaspersky, which in itself is well known in the digital security sector, to their list of anti-malware companies. Other companies already working with Facebook include ESET, F-Secure and Trend Micro.


Anyone using Facebook is vulnerable to three major kinds of threats– malicious adverts, phishing campaigns and scams run rife.

In a blog post this week, Trevor Pottinger, software engineer from Facebook’s Threat Infrastructure team explained:

To make this program even more effective, Kaspersky Lab is bringing their expertise to our malware cleanup efforts. If we detect malware on your computer, we will offer Kaspersky Malware Scan for Facebook among our other cleanup tools to help take care of the problem.

That means that another leading anti-malware company is helping you keep your computer safe and secure, just by using Facebook. And in the past three months, Kaspersky Lab helped us protect more than 260,000 people accessing Facebook from malware.

According to Facebook more than two million people have taken advantage of the free malware cleanup services which it provides via its website. The new approach adopted by the social networking giant is to eliminate malicious content in nodes, groups and clusters so that users may never even encounter all this harmful content at all. To keep this in check, Facebook is partnering up with the best security services out there. Pottinger further adds,

This strategy works well, but to make an even greater impact, we begin a few steps earlier and help fix compromised computers when they connect to Facebook.We use a combination of signals to help find infections and get the malware off of your computer for good, even if the malware isn’t actively spreading spam or harmful links.

The new approach will eliminate threats at an architectural level leaving the whole network and all systems utilizing it safe.

Facebook’s cleanup tools helps clean your computer off from potentially dangerous malware, by running a background tool while you continue to use the social network. Once the scan is complete, you get a notification to ask for the next series of actions to be undertaken.

With Kaspersky too onboard, if Facebook’s cleanup tools detect malware on your computer, it will offer Kaspersky Malware Scan for Facebook among other cleanup tools to help take care of the problem.


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