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Sony’s 1 TB PS4 Now Official, Launches Next Month

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Sony has just announced, that the 1 TB PS4, rumoured to be in making for quite some time now, is now official, and will launch next month. Sony says that the new PS4 will however be available in only select Europe and PAL territories from 15th July.

There’s no news on a more global launch of the new PS4, although it will launch in the US soon, looking at Sony’s latest FCC filing (via Engadget).

Principally the same, the new 1 TB PS4 offers you double the storage of the existing version, allowing you to pack in a hell lot of more games as compared to your previous PS.

But PS4 with a larger storage capacity isn’t the only announcement which came from Sony this morning. The company also announced an update to the age-old PlayStation app on iOS and Android platforms, a move which will be more-than-warmly welcomed by the gaming community.

The app sees introduction of a couple of new features, which include :

  • PlayStation™Network Card numbers and promotion codes can now be entered within PlayStation®App.
  • Comments that you receive while broadcasting from your PS4™ system can now be displayed on the second screen.


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