Earlier this year, Google launched this supercool 16-GoPro camera-array, Jump Pro VR. The device was made in conjunction with GoPro, which specifically aims at providing users the best virtual reality experience out there, in combination with a 360 degree view.

While it announced the device in May, it is looking for testers for Jump Pro VR array right now, and that too among general audience.

Google just released a form which asks you a few biographical questions about you and why you want to test out the rig. That will be the highlight of your quiz. That’s the only lengthy answer you will need to type in.

Google says that it will rank “awesome” answers higher, so if you want a date with the new Google gear, make sure your purpose of use will be great. Also, since we believe that only a few handful of people will actually get their hands on the Jump rig, you should probably start writing that answer right now. I am already in the process !

360 degree video is the new cool and Google’s Jump will let you capture just that. May it be for your YouTube channel or anything else, the Jump will surely give you one hell of a ride. So, register soon and give your best explanation about the use of the rig and test your luck, who knows, you might actually turn out to be the one sending us a 360 degree video to be published right here, on The Tech Portal (Winky wink !).


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