A couple of years ago, Micromax was considered more of a Tier II brand. It used to sell pure Chinese handsets with its own branding sticker on it, primarily aimed at not-so-tech savvy Indians. But if you had even the slightest of looks at the way the company launched its new flagship today, you would get a fair bit of idea as to how Micromax has slowly emerged as a definite brand name in the Indian and probably the global smartphone market.

Awarded with a name convention “Canvas Sliver 5”, the smartphone Micromax launched today, is claimed to be lightest in the market, weighing just 97 grams. And at just 5.1 mm thick, Sliver 5 is also the thinnest in the market. It is powered by a Snapdragon 410 chip coupled with 2GB RAM. It further sports an AMOLED display and a 4G connectivity, packed along with a 2000 mAH battery.

On camera front, it features a 8MP camera Sony sensor with a stacked CMOS sensor, with an option for Professional Mode for better quality pictures.

Those specifications might not come to you as something out-of-the-box, with probably the CMOS sensor being an exception. However, its Sliver 5’s build which will help Micromax establish itself as a brand capable enough to take on high-end devices, like the iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6.

Canvas Sliver 5 uses Galaxy S6-like ‘Aircraft-grade Aluminium’ for its body, giving you a premium feel like any other high-end device out there.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.29.54 pm

Micromax has gone into great detail when describing about Sliver 5’s battery. The smartphone features a 2000 mAh battery which has been designed specially for low power usage. Armed with tight processor integration, a power-efficient DDR3 RAM and power-sensitive AMOLED display, battery life might not be the biggest of issues with Sliver 5.

However, it will probably be the price which ‘might’ affect Sliver 5’s sale in the Indian market. Micromax Sliver 5 will cost you 17,999, which is on the higher side considering Micromax’s current smartphone line-up. Moreover Xiaomi, which is probably an even bigger threat to Micromax than Samsung or Apple, already sells its Mi4i at a rock-bottom 13000.

But then, with Micromax’s ambition of shedding off that ‘Chinese brand’ name-tag, it ought to manufacture devices for the higher segment, with superior build quality and top-notch hardware. And if you wish to offer that sort of build quality, prices will go up. Sliver 5’s yet-to-come user reviews may talk about minor software glitches here and there, but as for Micromax, it has probably taken that big leap.

IMAGES : TOI @ Twitter


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