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One of the biggest complaints Xbox users had when upgrading from the older Xbox 360 to the latest flagship Xbox One was that the games they could play on the 360 were worthless on the One. This one factor, kind of set many gamers aback and it was one of the biggest wants the Xbox manufacturers had to face.

Backwards compatibility is difficult, sure, but Microsoft has recently been hard at work to fulfill its consumers’ needs. For the first time, the Xbox One will now be backwards compatible with its older sibling. The announcement was made by Microsoft’s Phil Spencer on stage at the E3 2015 Xbox keynote today. And as you can expect, the crowd went crazy over this note.

Microsoft is apparently working on a few games at a time, 100 to be precise, starting this holiday season. They will be getting patches out for this group of games first and follow it up with another 100. Their aim is to deliver the largest games library on Xbox One, according to Spencer.

The patches will be released for online titles as well as their disc/retail counterparts.

So, the people who loved playing Halo 2 or other games which weren’t compatible or were discontinued because of the Xbox One, can now get your hands on the games again on your new console, instead of buying the remakes of the games.

There have been several games that have already been ported to the new architecture and its only going to be a matter of time until most favourites will be available on the new platform.


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