Most of the photo or video sharing mobile apps available today allow users to share either portrait or square-cropped versions of the graphics. This is something which bugs a lot of users who are hence forced to use alternative apps or methods for sharing their memories in the social world.

Even though, mobile-centric video formats have been championed by Vine, Instagram and a whole host of live-streaming apps, Twitter followed suit when it launched in-app video recording earlier this year. The feature allowed users to upload and share portrait and square-cropped videos but landscape videos still have their place, so the company is now offering aspect ratios inside the app.

To capture a video, hold down the record button and shoot one or more clips to show all thats important to you. Once captured, you can now edit your clips instantaneously. You can delete the bad clips and rearrange the good ones, or go for the newly introduced landscape mode. Once you’re done with editing, simply upload.

So, the next time you see something interesting and want to share it with the world, open the app and upload the video in whatever aspect ratio you like.

For more details, you can visit Twitter here.

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