With the aim of easing the shift from Android to iOS, Apple plans to offer Android users a dedicated app that wirelessly and securely transfers personal data, downloaded apps and other information over to a new iPhone.

The app transfers contacts, message history, photos and videos, bookmarks, email, calendars, wallpaper, and DRM-free songs and books from Android to Apple, and suggests third-party apps to re-add. It’s only available on iOS 9 though and the app managed to get just a mention at WWDC 2015 so there’s no clear release date yet.

The important thing to be noted is that the app is not just a run-of-the-mill data mover. It makes suggestions to use the apps installed on the Android device on iTunes, and sorts out the free and paid apps accordingly. The paid apps are added to your iTunes wishlist.

Prior to this, users migrating from Android platforms of various OEMs like Samsung, HTC and others had to follow a tutorial given on Apple’s website.

Apple has directly acknowledged Google as a competitor and seems to be wanting a pie of the growing battalion of Android smartphone users. It’s good Apple has finally come out with an official route for such users. As they say, better late than never!


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