Typically, people change their smartphone batteries every two years (If the battery is removable, of course) and the poor old batteries are headed toward dump yards. However Enlighten, a new designer, has now found an innovative way to put your old batteries to good use. The project has already exceeded its $50K target on Kickstarter.

Their plan is to use a skeletal kit to repurpose old cellphone batteries and make them a temporary power source for your cellphones, tablets or even (Tada!) laptops.

The company claims that even batteries which are replaced for loss in efficiency are almost 80 percent efficient. That’s an awful amount of power going to waste along with huge amounts of the scarce lithium element. These old batteries, if put to good use, could be supplementary power supplies for much longer.

The cost of the equipment is also quite low.  For $39, you can use this energy to charge your devices. The basic equipment consists of a shell which turns your old battery into an external power source and a USB cable. For $55, you can get the full kit, which consists of the shell, the USB cable and also a used battery and engraved panels for the case.

The company knows that removable batteries are going out of fashion. But they believe that for now, they can do with the older batteries and in the future, they have plans for production of their own units of smaller batteries. They also believe that as the batteries change, the case will be adaptive enough to hold the desired battery.

Here’s a video showing just what this new innovation is about.


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