The HTC One M8 was one hell of a device. It kicked up the bar for design and performance of smartphones in a time when people thought Samsung could never be beaten. Technically speaking, it had amazing on paper specs and truly amazing day-to-day performance to match it up.

The M9, the successor to the legendary M8, if we can, is great, but it didn’t do much in terms of blowing our covers like its bigger brother did. It was like an unsatisfying diet. It left us wanting for more.

Fear not folks! It seems HTC has finally seen what they had missed out on. You know why? Because the smartphone manufacturer recently  announced a ‘revamped’ version of its 2015 flagship phone, the HTC One ME. This baby has a larger 5.2 inches QHD display when compared to the M9’s 5 inches, an octa MediaTek X10 processor, 3GB of RAM, 20MP rear camera and a fingerprint scanner on the front.

But just so you know, it is currently available only in China. So yeah, there’s that.

The ME looks great and has many of its elder brother’s design features but it doesn’t share the same premium feel, which is forgivable as it makes up for that in other departments. What really got us rolling was the display as well as the fingerprint reader which we are hoping will work more like Apple’s touch ID instead of working like the one on HTC One Max.

You get 32 GB of internal storage and, surprise, surprise, there is a microSDXC slot that can support cards up to a whopping 2TB in size. Android Lollipop will of course be the OS layered under HTC’s sense UX.

This phone is trying to achieve what the M9 couldn’t, let’s see how far it goes.


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