Skype has announced, that Skype for Web will now be available to everyone in the US and UK as a Beta version. This means that you will not have to download the Skype client on your computers to enjoy the benefits of one of the most used comms software.

Anyone in the US and UK can now log on to or from their browsers and enjoy the benefits of Skype irrespective of them being new or existing users of the client, without downloading the app.


This new improvement in Skype is great if you normally use Skype on your smartphone and want to use it, just for a while on your desktop. Skype for Web will also be handy if you are travelling abroad, and the only means of using a computer would be a cafe where Skype may not be downloaded previously. Just log on to Skype’s website and sign in.

This is a very important step for Skype as it makes Real-Time Communication on the web a reality. Skype believes that this iteration of Skype for Web will help you get connected anytime.

Moreover, Skype For Beta will make Chromebook or other similar netbook users more happy, considering that they would now be able to witness the power of Skype, right from there ultra-lightweight, stripped down notebooks.

According to Skype, whether you use Skype of you mobile, tablet, computer, TV or any other device, Skype for Web will sync your contacts and chats perfectly without a flaw.

Searching for contacts on Skype has also been made easier and less of a chore, giving you a timeline view instead of the traditional two-line detailed view. So, starting new conversations and continuing existing ones will also be easier.

Also, any type of communication you might want, Skype for Web will easily support it and get you through. May it be instant messaging, voice calling or video calling, Skype for Web can get all this done on almost any browser.

Finally, Skype will also provide you with notifications so that you never miss a moment, even if you are using another app or browsing the web.


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