Arkin, a software platform which helps enterprises solve their data center requirements by providing them with Software-Defined Data Center, has gulped in a $15 Million Series B round from existing investors Nexus Venture Partners and other strategic investors. The software platform had earlier raised a $7 Million Series A round led by NVP.

Arkin’s approach towards simplifying data center administration is impressively unique. The software platform aims to bring the ease-of-use of a platform on the consumer’s side to data center administrators, who deal with today’s highly complex data centers day and night.

And this probably just the right time for such fresh approach towards data center simplification – because the data center is undergoing massive structural changes – Systems are converging, architecture is getting software-defined, while traditional IT Silos are being challenged as organizations rethink their operations strategy.

Shiv Agarwal,  CEO and one of the co-founders at Arkin says,

We are solving an enterprise problem of software defined data center with a consumer angle

Apart from announcing the fund-raise, Arking also announced the general availability of Arkin Visibility Platform, with an aim to radically simplify the adoption and operations of modern converged systems and software-defined data centers.

Arkin’s Visibility Platform is a simple, Google-search like experience, which helps organizations to rapidly search, analyze, and collaborate across virtual and physical layers of their infrastructure, along with “Pinterest-like sharing” of the infrastructure.  Arkin’s platform delivers seamless operations for converged infrastructures and software-defined data centers built using technologies such as VMware NSX, Cisco UCS, VCE Vblocks, Palo Alto Networks firewalls and others.


Arkin’s converged infrastructure comes out as beautiful representation of all of the data center infrastructure which an enterprise has deployed, providing converged visibility and analytics that ties all of the data center domains. It also helps teams from different domains look into other areas, thus allowing them to have a look at all of the data center infra without staying limited to their domain.


For example virtual machine operations teams can now fully visualize how their workloads are connected to virtual and physical networks, or what type of security policy has been applied to them. Similarly security teams can both plan security posture at a data center level using distributed firewall planning capabilities as well as ensure smooth security operations.

Arkin makes cross silo collaboration as easy as pinning and sharing. Along with the intuitive search that binds together the silos, IT operations can now visualize, capture and share information with ease.

We took inspiration from the consumer world and built a framework to allow IT operations to pin pertinent information and share it with their colleagues, easily.

says Agarwal

Arkin currently has two offices, one in Pune while the other in Silicon Valley. While Arkin’s visibility platform was earlier used by select organisations, its general availability enables you to give it a spin too. You can sign up for Arkin’s platform here.


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