At its I/O conference keynote today, Google announced that it is bringing its Maps API to Android Wear. The integration is pretty much similar to the usual Android one, and developers who have had an experience with Maps API will not face much of a trouble.

You can already use the paired phone to detect location, or use on-device location detection for wearables that have an onboard GPS. Now, with Google Play Services 7.3, developers can use Google Maps API directly on Android Wear. Thus, developers can now offer your users a wearable-tailored Google Maps experience.

In addition to displaying a map, another possible use for Maps on Android Wear is to pan a map to a specific location so that, for example, your friends can meet you at that specific location. In this case, developers should add a marker and use GoogleMap.OnCameraChangeListener.

For a complete introduction to Maps API for Android Wear, you can check out the video below :



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