Obesity is an age-old phenomena. And as Indians continue to adopt a smarter lifestyle, looking fit and healthy is one of the major pillars of that evolving lifestyle. To get you that fit look, Hyderabad-based FoodTech startup TruWeight offers a unique solution named ‘Super Foods’ to help you reduce weight and stay healthy. This unique model has now attracted investor interest too, with Kalaari Capital investing an undisclosed amount in a Series A round.

TruWeight is essentially a weight loss company, helping you deal with obesity through counselling. It has a team of experts at its disposal, which counsels the company’s clients either online or at their weight loss centers. The entire process is laid out as a plan, which begins with evaluating clients’ health, making a customized meal plan for them and further guiding them at every step to help them get rid of obesity, efficiently.

This freshly infused capital will be used to strengthen its presence across the country as well as launch a mobile app. Apart from this, Truweight is also looking to expands its employee strength and open up physical storefronts in Bangalore and Chennai.

TruWeight treats obesity through a combination of ‘Super Foods’ and expert help. SuperFoods are considered to be much more powerful in terms of nutrient power, curing power and fat burning power. 1 gram of spirulina, for example, is considered equivalent to 1 kg of vegetables. Truweight combines powers of 25 such superfoods to prepare its own ‘SuperFood Kit’. This kit is then given to its clients, who take regular dosage of the same through expert counselling.

TruWeight’s team of experts consists of over a couple dozen of nutritionists, whose primary job is to give you a scientific and true weight loss. The entire team is led by Suhasini M, a leading food scientist. who has done her MS in nutrition from University of Missouri, and boasts of over 12 years of global experience.

What also sets TruWeight apart from other bogus weight loss treatments, is their comprehensive research. The tea, has done as much as 3 years of detailed analysis of food patterns across the globe, before coming up with TruWeight. The entire research is openly available for anyone to buy and consists of all of TruWeight’s 3 years of research.

And TruWeight’s traction as well as success numbers are pretty noteworthy. The startup claims of having successfully treated over 6000 patients for obesity worldwide via its dietary plan and super foods supplements intake.


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