Iconic tech-news and analysis website GigaOm, which shut down a few months ago due to overburdening financials, is set to get back into the journalism scene with a relaunch in August. The site and its assets have been purchased by an Austin-based startup named Knowingly, which announced the relaunch plans today.

GigaOm’s operations had come to an immediate halt earlier in March, when the company published a note explaining its inability to pay money to its creditors in full. There were no speculations about the future of one the most influential blogs on technology, and it was widely believed that this was the end for Om Malik’s GigaOm.

In fact, many of its writers were snapped up by the business magazine Fortune, and the news of GigaOm’s resurrection has come as a surprise to almost all of them.

GigaOm received instant appreciation and regard, just few months post its launch for its unique events + research + news business. The site was founded by OmMalik, and competed fairly with the likes of more heavily backed players like TechCrunch, Verge or <Re/code>.

GigaOm’s model of operation became so attractive, that the blog continued to receive heavy amount of VC money, which it used to further expand across multiple verticals and strengthening.

While Knowingly did announce plans of a relaunch, the release made no mention of the financials involved in the deal. Apart from that, there is also no mention of what will happen with GigaOm’s more popular Research and events wing.


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