Yes, what Korea times reported in April is now turning out to be a reality. Samsung is indeed coming up with an Iron Man themed Galaxy S6 Edge soon (no RDJ though) and the Korean giant posted an image of the special casing which will house the phone, on its official Twitter account.

So what exactly will the phone look like ? Well, you can obviously expect a maroon and gold colouring considering those are Iron Man colors and the fact that Samsung’s use of metal undercoating allows it to easily do all sorts of paint job on the smartphone’s body.

Talking about the design, Lee Young-hee, Head of Samsung’s Mobile Division had said earlier in April,

The color of the new Iron Man phones will be red. We will decide on other details soon after discussions with Marvel Studio. It will be released either at the end of May or early June

And in order to market the phone more extensively, Samsung and marvel Entertainment even went on to form a global marketing partnership for this particular edition.

And this is the expected rendering of the special edition phone :

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.25.02 pm

Also, since the special casing reads “Avengers” on the right hand side, you can expect more re-paint jobs from Samsung, with Captain America themed S6 Edge probably being the next in line.

Samsung’s Twitter account posted today’s teaser with a disclaimer, saying availability for this limited edition phone would “differ by region.”Thus, looking at that disclaimer, you can not expect the device to come to all regions, apart from Samsung’s and Marvel’s more favourite ones like the U.S.

And before you start wondering whether it is coming to India, we think it probably will, looking at the dual facts of Avengers franchise’s immense popularity and Samsung’s continued market leadership.


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