One of India’s biggest IT consulting firms, Infosys has today announced an investment worth $2 Million into Airwiz, a startup born out of Carnegie Mellon and which has developed tech to monitor air quality, both indoors and outdoors.

While nothing other than the amount invested was revealed, many reports have pegged that Infosys has acquired a minority stake into AirWiz.

Airwiz has developed a unique, plug and play air monitoring sensor called SpeckSensor. The sensor detects fine particulate matter in your indoor environment and informs you about trends and changes in particle concentration. You can simply plug the Speck into a standard wall outlet to begin measuring your air quality.


Apart from just informing you about the air quality, Speck also provides you a comprehensive analysis of the entire measurement cycle. Speck has Wi-Fi built in, enabling you to optionally connect it to your wireless network.

Once online, and after registering it with a account, the Speck will continuously upload its data to where you can see its data in real time and explore its full history with your computer or mobile device.

Infosys has invested the amount from an ear-marked $500 Million fund, which it aims to invest in disruptive startups across India and abroad. The company has set aside half of its $500 million Innovation fund to focus exclusively on new Indian companies, along with the launch of a startup incubator.


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