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WhatsApp Is Rolling Out Its Voice Calling feature to iOS Users

While WhatsApp rolled out the voice calling feature for android users almost a month back, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app has now rolled out the same for iOS users as well.

And rolling the feature out in a fashion similar to its Android roll-out, WhatsApp is again not pushing up the feature to all iOS users at once. It said it “is rolling out slowly over the next several weeks” — and though that’s quicker than the Android deployment, but you’ll still need some patience.

The roll-out of Voice calling is significant, considering that the company recently passed the 800 Million active users milestone and thus has a user-base surpassing quite a lot of established mobile carriers, individually. This feature is hence sure to upset telecom operators worldwide, a flavour of which has been visible in India’s heated up Net neutrality debate.

Along with the voice-calling feature, the latest WhatsApp update for iOS also includes a few other nifty features, primarily support for the iOS 8 share extension which allows you to send videos, photos and links to WhatsApp chats from other apps.

The new update also allows you to share multiple videos at the same time, similar to what was already available with images. You can share the videos by cropping or rotating them, thus giving you some handy editing options.



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