India’s SaaS story is continuing to show promise, and success. As startups working on SaaS based platforms continue to attract investors, another similar startup WhatFix, which operates a SaaS platform allowing anyone to prepare interactive how-to guides on using websites, has nabbed $880K in a seed round from Helion Ventures.

Founded by Khadim Batti and Vara Kumar in April 2013, Whatfix operates a patent pending technology platform which allows businesses and individuals to create support FAQs, training material and interactive tutorials.

These how-to guides can be integrated with ease across all user touch-points inside web applications. The platform is divided into Enterprise and Community model, giving businesses and individual users alike, access to its powerful web suite.

Khadim Batti, Co-founder at Whatfix says,

We are trying to disrupt the traditional way of documenting, delivering and consumption of product help & trainings. Today, people are looking for quick tips and directions and do not want to dedicate long hours in reading manuals or sit through trainings to understand a business. Whatfix’s platform is addressing this need by helping businesses and individuals to create interactive guides that enable the self-learning capability of web-based products & applications.

To start creating how-to guides, you can head straight over to WhatFix’s website for a quick sign up. Upon sign up, you’ll be asked to install WhatFix’s browser extension, which will be your goto point to start developing how-to guides on websites.

Now, to start making your first guide, you can head over to a website on which you wish to create the guide. As an example, you can head on to to prepare a guide on how to shop for a Xiaomi Mi smartphone. Upon visiting Amazon, click on the WhatFix browser extension you just installed and you’ll be presented with a pop-up dialog box to start creating your how-to guide.

Post that, the entire process is a breeze, with the platform allowing you to create guides by simple click and drop. You can enter new steps, select relevant elements from the website to be added on to your step, and once done, you simply publish your flow on WhatFix’s web suite.

WhatFix also offers a specialised platform for Businesses, so as to help them help their customers through specialised how-to guides. Through WhatFix Business, companies can help first time users on their website with the smart interactive guides, resolve customer queries easily with contextual help or streamline creation & integration of training documentation.

With WhatFix, its founders aim to solve three critical needs of a business: onboard users seamlessly to increase conversions and engagement, provide better support to reduce churn, and effective training for employees & customers.

The platform, since its launch in 2013, has seen significant traction among both personal and enterprise clients. On personal fronts, the extension already has over 1000 downloads on Chrome Web Store. On business fronts, Whatfix has been able to help companies like Flipkart, Versature, D’Angers University, MaxWell Health, and GreyTip, develop interactive guides.


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