Kids under 13 may finally get a Facebook presence. While they still can’t make their social profiles, Facebook has introduced a new, optional feature called Scrapbook today, which allows parents to maintain an online photo album of their child

While parents still upload their kids’ photographs on Facebook, those photos are obviously scattered and lost in Facebook’s usual photo albums. Even if yo create a separate album for the same, you still have to search for that album or look out for the same in all of your albums. Facebook is looking to take all that pain away from parents, and is giving them a more personalised digital storage option for memories of their kids’s growing up period.

The new Scrapbook is easy to use and works as soon as you put the a self-chosen tag into your photos. All the photos with that tag will automatically go to your ScrapBook. If you choose to tag your child in a photo it will be added to a customisable scrapbook. And, photos you choose to tag can be shared with your friends and your partner’s friends.

To offer control over certain private photographs, Facebook is providing you with the following options in scrapbook :

  • You can opt to co-own the scrapbook with a partner who you’re in a relationship with on Facebook.
  • You choose what you call the tag—it could be your child’s name, initials or something fun.
  • You and your partner choose which photos to tag.
  • Only you and your partner can tag your child in photos.
  • We’ve built in lots of reminders and tips to guide you along the way.


To start a scrapbook for your child, go to your profile, click on About and click on Family and Relationships. There, you’ll see an invitation to create a scrapbook; just click Get Started. If you’ve already added a child to your profile, you can click Add Scrapbook next to his or her name.

This feature will start rolling out today in the US on Facebook for desktop, iPhone and Android.


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