Amazon Home services, the long rumoured on-demand services arm of the e-commerce giant, went live today in the U.S. With its home services offering, the company is giving consumers, services like TV installation, house cleaning, waiting, plumbing, electrical work and many more.

Amazon’s home services is the e-com giant’s attempt to make accessibility of general home services like fixing a wire, an electrical fitting, a faucet or home cleaning, as simple as ordering a product from Amazon’s market place.

As an introductory offer, the company is offering a $20 Amazon gift card to all those who avail Amazon Home Services worth $99 or more, on or before April 13th.

While ordering a service is similar to how you order a product, there are some interesting services which Amazon is offering. For an example, you can call a serviceman to get your long lying BasketBall hoop assembly up and running, or get your bed/desk assembly settled up.

Amazon is working directly with local service providers, but also with existing service marketplace providers like TaskRabbit


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