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Twitter starts rolling out new “Quality Filter” to verified iOS accounts

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To stop those incessant trolls addressed majorly to verified users, Twitter has taken yet another step today, to make sure it doesn’t loose any more users to trolls and abuse. Twitter has now rolled out a new Quality Factor feature which filter away content coming from suspicious accounts, containing threats/abuse or which has duplicate content.

The new feature, rolled out for verified iOS users as of now, is Twitter’s latest attempt to stop abuse on its network. After, CEO Dick Costolo himself acknowledged the same when he remarked “We suck at dealing with abuse” to his employees in an internal memo.

Tech Blogger Anil Dash noted the feature first :

While Quality Factor may not be a revolutionary change, but it stills goes a long way in dealing with numerous abuse on Twitter which verified account holders are subjected to.

The roll-out to iOS users isn’t complete yet, with many still not receiving the same. Twitter says that the roll-out is gradual and will be available to every verified iOS user soon.

While the feature being made available to verified accounts first, makes sense as those are the users with the maximum number of followers, and hence abuses. However, no-verified users to receive threats/bullying, which Twitter has itself acknowledged time and again.

As a result, the micro-blogging site had indeed introduced several anti-harassment features last year, for non-verified account holders. Twitter has also been partnering with local authorities to help users in reporting with crimes or any untoward mishap in their neighbourhood.


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