wWhere, an app which lets you exchange your locations among your family & friends, or ask them for their locations, has secured a $100K angel round from numerous investors, which includes Bayern Capital VP Ashim Mehra, Anunay Gupta, co-founder of Marketelligent (acquired by data giant Brillio); among others..

wWhere, which was founded in September 2013 by Ritam Bhatnagar, is an interesting app. While still in beta, the developers have explained the entire concept in a fine video available on their site. As simple as it can get, its like Google Maps, or any other map service for that matter, has suddenly got IM like features.

You can share your locations with your contacts, or ask them for their own location. You can also do that in groups, with your entire group’s location being visible on one single app. Planning a party ? Ask location of all your invited guests, check that out on a single map, and plan the venue accordingly.

Since the app is still in beta, and you get to use it only via an invite mode, the company is planning to use the raised angel capital for marketing and further development of their product. The startup has been incubated in IIM-A’s E-cell, CIIE, which also participated as an investor.

The app comes with features such as sending your location to others, requesting other’s locations, auto locate, navigation with ETA, etc. It also supports in-app messaging and allows users to see locations of upto 10 friends on a single map.

Ritan Bhatnagar, the founder of wWhere, said,

We are now working for a global launch, targeting countries in Asia, Australia and Europe. Since their invention in 2000 BC, postal addresses are still the way to communicate locations. It often gets tough to locate the address. And so we thought location exchange app was the best solution.

The app is currently in private beta phase and is not available for public. Since the app entered private beta, it saw over 500 downloads and 2600 sign-ups in just 12 hours. However, the company is planning to launch Android as well as iOS app soon. It claims to use advanced algorithms to make the app more personified.


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