If you are one of the many people who live and breathe and work through their mobile phones, you must be in a constant habit of using applications like PPt, PDF, XLS or DOC on your device; and having a trying time of maneuvering around them to get the work done. Feel like something needs to change? The creators of the mobile app Tydy thought so too, so they’ve created a platform that allows you to fashion interactive documents- meant exclusively for mobile devices. Document creation, redefined.

Tydy is an Android and iOS app, which helps you in creating & rather, experiencing content on mobile devices. The app allows you a free-form choice of adding text, images & videos to create an interactive document that can be viewed on almost any mobile device out there.

When you download the app (Version 5 is now available), you need to sign up- enter your mail address and a password. You’ll be taken to the Doc listing page; where there is a document giving you a short introduction/ tour through the app.

Get Started


Start almost immediately by creating a document, which is rather easy. You get to choose varied themes and templates. Pick one and start updating your content within seconds- pull in text, video or pictures. But what makes it truly different from other word processing software/applications are features like annotate- doodle away on your document. Make notes wherever you feel like, making in contextual, interactive and thus visually powerful.

Tydy focusses on what people really want out of work documentation- capturing data, creating lists, reports, newsletters, and sales collateral. The straight-laced templates of other products don’t really make it ideal for personal use- here; tydy-quote-1you have complete power on what your document should look like, making it flexible. Editing can be done by entering the edit mode of the app. All edits are seamlessly sent to others who have your documents.

Real-Time Sharing

Tydy gives you the option to share your content across devices, with your colleagues, friends and anyone with a compatible device. And it isn’t just sharing. If you update content on that particular document, it automatically syncs with the document you shared and updates in real-time. That isn’t just sharing, its real-time sharing.

Kiran Menon, who’s a co-founder at Tydy, tells me,

We knew we wanted to do something in the content space – cause there was so much content being produced and consumed. However, after going through a couple of product ideas we landed on tydy.

Right this second, there is a lot of mobile content that is being produced and viewed. This space is brimming with untapped opportunities- there is a lot of room for new ideas. Tydy was launched with the same concept in mind, in November 2013.

It was initially launched as Proof-of-Concept (realization of an idea to demonstrate its feasibility), just to get the feel of the market and for the product. All the features of the app come from customer feedback and requests. August 2014 saw an angel fund raising round through LetsVenture, which helped in creating a better, more seamless product-fit. The first version of the open-to-all (and free) mobile app was launched on 18th February, 2015.

Menon adds,

We have enterprise customers like Puma, Davita, Kynkyny, Atta Galatta and others who use tydy in their teams. After the end-Feb (2015) release of the app on the mobile store we have started seeing individual users sign up and start using it as well. 

When you visit Tydy’s website, you get the options to create accounts for whatever enterprise you are a part of- retail, startup, sales, partner management, investor management and design and creative teams. All of them have different objectives, and Tydy promises to cater to all of them.


However, it isn’t going to be a smooth sale for Tydy. When it comes to Collaborative platform for people to co-work, Google, tydy-quote-2Microsoft have their own products, which are undoubtedly flawless. While Google offers Docs, Microsoft has its entire Office suite running online, under the banner of the lesser-known Sway.

Menon however thinks that Tydy’s approach is different in the sense that we focus on the reasons people use documents. He further adds,

There is a huge need for this in our mobile-driven world of today. If you think about it – Microsoft Office was launched in 1990 and 25 years later the same product has been ported to the mobile device. We felt that some body needed to re-imagine content creation & therefore consumption for a mobile world. And who better to do it – than us

Pretty much correct that.


So the verdict ? Well, creating graphs, charts, project reports, analysis, sales figures…., has never been this fast, hassle free, fun. interactive, engaging, seamless and what not. If you are bored of working on the age-old docs (like I am), you can download Tydy from Android Play Store and iOS App Store, other platforms will get to see Tydy soon.


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