Just when you were wondering as to how you will charge the newly released MacBook (if you ever buy it), Apple has released a set of Adapters, which will help you charge the new, single-USB 12″ MacBook.

As a compromise for a thin design, the company had replaced all the ports with a USB-C port. The single USB-C port will handle everything – from charging to data transfer. Knowing that stripping MacBook of all its ports may see adoption problems with users, Apple has launched a few accessories which help to convert the port.

The new accessories from the company includes adapters which the act as a different type of port. For example, if you need to use a standard USB port, just get a $19 USB adapter and connect with the USB-C port. Now you can use the port as a USB port.

The accessories related to the USB-C port also include USB Adapter, VGA Multi-Port Adapter, Digital AV Multi-Port Adapter, VGA Adapter, USB-C charging cable, etc. You can visit Apple site for the full list of USB-C adapter accessories.

We are expecting the company to soon release cables for iOS devices with a USB-C type port. Otherwise, the users will need to spend another $19 for an adapter in order to charge their iPhone or iPad.


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