SanDisk has continued to push the limits in the portable storage department. As a result, the company has launched a new microSD card with an astonishing 200GB of capacity.

The new 200 GB card, though built over the last year’s maxed out 128 GB card, continues to provide speedy transfers, at the rate of over 90 Mbps. However, since all good things come at a price, so does the 200GB SanDisk card. It is priced at a hefty $400 (Rs. 24747 converted), thus making sure that it becomes one of those gadgets, which only a few can own.

What’s even more interesting though is the fact that no one will be able to use this memory card on their smartphone as of now. Every premium smartphone available in the market supports microSD cards of up to 128GB only. SanDisk rates the card speed at 90MB/s, which means that it will take 30 minutes to actually fill up with data.

The new 200 GB microSDXC card uses the same technology that the company developed for its 128GB microSDXC card, but the design has been improved, thus resulting in increased storage capacity of 56 percent.

SanDisk wil continue to provide its MemoryZone app for Android, which automatically transfers photos and videos from phone when the storage gets tight. The microSD card will be available somewhere in the second quarter of 2015.

Apart from the 200 GB card, SanDisk also revealed another set of interesting gadgetry, called the iXpand flash drive, This new storage device lets you transfer photos and videos from your Android smartphones to your PCs and vice-versa.

iXpand is a dual-drive with two USB 3.0 connectors, one which features a flat design for plugging into today’s PCs and other the smaller new USB Type-C connector, the same Apple-ish connector which is expected to go public this year, getting rid of some irritating aspects of our current USBs.

The dual drive iXpand drive will ship in the second quarter for $40 (roughly £25 or AU$50).


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