While there’s hardly any time left before Samsung officially unveils its next-gen Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy S6, a set of leaked images have surfaced today, showing a newly wrapped Galaxy S6 with its full packaging. Let’s take a look :

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Take a good look at the image gallery above, as it gives you a complete look at the upcoming Galaxy.

After looking at those images, here are few outlined points which I think are noteworthy :

  • Galaxy S6 is expected to come out in two versions, one similar to galaxy note edge (with the possibility of curved screen on either sides) and a flat type version. The images above are of the latter.
  • Samsung is keeping Galaxy S6’s screen size to 5  inches, presumably to avoid backlash over the issues of non-handle-ability of large screen phones.
  • While there isn’t much news as to what version of Android this device may support, it is expected to run Android 5.0 Lollipop without Touchwiz. The device will be pre-loaded with Microsoft apps.
  • Galaxy S6 will be Samsung’s first ever device to feature real metal on both the front and the rear. These leaks corroborate that fact.
  • The device has some of its looks definitely ‘inspired’ from iPhone. In fact, if you look at the image which shows the bottom end of the device, it becomes evident that something iPhone-ish is there.
  • Galaxy S6 will feature a dual-folding SIM tray (though we don;t know as to why exactly it is that way) and a non-removable rear. That means you won’t be able to play around or reset your Galaxy device by pulling out the battery any more. (BTW, this is a common practice in India :P )

Though the barcode on that phone resembles the one which is possessed by engineering prototypes and the device’s rear too shows prototypic inscriptions, we’ll still have to wait till March 1 to see the official version.


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