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Google is shutting down its expert help service Helpouts on April 20

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Google is going to shut down its expert help service – Helpouts on 20th April, 2015. The users who are currently using the service will be able to download their history of the service via Google Takeout until November 5th.

Helpouts was launched back in 2013 with an aim to provide help to people through qualified experts. People who have knowledge of a particular topic would record tutorial videos for the whole world. If user wanted to learn about a topic, he could pay the person giving the tutorial for a certain amount of time.

Google Helpouts to shut down April 20th

Google is shutting down the service as it failed to gain any sort of traction, and was on the verge of becoming one of Google’s most poorly marketed products (in fact it did become that). Google sent out an email to the users informing about the same. And Those who do use Helpouts, can continue to do so till April 20th


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