SpotDy, the Big data analytics startup which I became a fan of just couple of weeks ago, has now come up with Delhi Election Pulse, a tool built on their CityPulse platform that give you the most comprehensive analysis of the bitter fight between AAP, BJP and the virtually non-existent Congress.

SpotDy’s Delhi election Pulse  tool, designed over SpotDy’s CityPulse platform, aggregates Big Data from various sources like Facebook, Twitter, forums, opinion polls etc., and then presents them in the form of interactive visualisations. These graphs give you in-depth info on city sentiments w.r.t. to a particular candidate or a political party, their social networking buzz among others.

The tab “Delhi Elections 2015 pulse” contains different statistical charts that depict the trends in some of the constituencies of Delhi. It shows trends in selected constituencies with respect to the AAP, BJP, Congress candidates who are contesting from their respective constituencies.


Apart from offering valuable insights relevant to the ongoing Delhi elections, the tool also offers you a “Poll prediction” feature, which gets updated in real-time to tell you as to which political party is leading and which one is trailing behind.

SpotDy has also provided an option for public discussion on each chart in the tab wherein you can leave your comments, similar to what you do in an open web-forum. If you want to share the insight that you see in the chart on your social pages, you can do the same by using “Share insight” option on each chart.

For developer geeks who wish to include the API into their web applications, SpotDy is offering an enterprise-level developer kit, which will help you embed the entire Delhi Election Pulse tool into your application, thus allowing you access to SpotDy’s vast Big data processing engine.

You can visit the tool by clicking here, and get realtime updates on the ongoing Delhi elections.


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