Tesla’s Model X has been one of the much anticipated projects that the electric car manufacturer has announced in the recent past. One of the reasons can be the constant pushing back of the car’s launch.

However, the new model has been recently caught at the Almeda Airport test track, California (via ElecTrek). The video depicts the car’s rapid straight motion and some loops as well. The most obvious thing on the video is the manner of testing. The cars are rigorously tested before launching, and this one is no exception. The measure of the speed that the car reaches can not be determined and should not be credible (if mentioned anywhere) as the video has been shot by an iPhone 5 and not a professional camera.

There is enough evidence that points to the Model X here. The Model X, when unveiled by Elon Musk in 2012 in Geneva had a high seating arrangement which is there by the looks of the car in the video. The broad rear design and the overall looks of  the car in the video suggest that this is indeed the Model X.

However, to broaden the spectrum of our guesses, the car in the video does look like a crossover utility vehicle. The looks resemble that of a Prius. This means that this could also be the Model 3 prototype in testing. The Model 3 has been postponed several times. This is Tesla’s take on a car that is comparable in price to more of the mainstream cars as it’s estimated selling price will be around $35,000.

Nevertheless, the silver lining is that a Tesla is on the testing track. The looks point towards the Model X though. The release expected in the second half 2015, so a car should be on the testing tracks by now. All in all, things look good for the Tesla fan boys.


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