Google Now, the personal virtual assistant by Google has just added third party app integration, which will come with the latest update.

The Google Now app is one of the most powerful additions by Google to the Android ecosystem. Until now, the cards that the Now app provided were from the apps by Google or some cards based on our location, provided that we shared our location information with it.

Google Now has just opened it’s gates to third party party apps starting with 40 different apps for now. These 40 apps will have to provide access to the Now app so that the cards that Google provides can be of use and updated. For example, Google Now had integrated with the Gmail app and the mails with air travel tickets would just be presented in the form of cards. The flight schedule and the timings of arrival and departure would be there in the card with a link that takes you to the app where the mail existed in the first place. This service like many others have proved to be useful many times for the heavy users of the app.

Now, with the third party integration, you can catch up on the daily events with the Guardian, Pandora can send you recommendations for the music you like. Learn new languages with reminders from Duolingo and take care of your groceries with the Instacart reminders. One of the most interesting integration is with Airbnb. If you’re looking for a place to stay, Now will send you recommendations of the places you may have missed and when you land, just use Lyft to reach your destination.

You can use every single app for all the various tasks or you can just take care of all of them with the Now cards. The update is for Android and you will need to have the apps on your device that you wish to see the cards of.

While this does sound appealing, some users may hesitate to give all that information to Google. Google did have access to the browser information with the Now app but there will be more apps that will provide Google with your personal data.

IMAGE : FLICKR / CC 2.0 / Tristan Nitot


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