Ever since OnePlus’s partnership with Cynogen fell into trouble due to latter’s commitment to a separate Indian brand, the Chinese smartphone brand has been on a look-out to re-invent its Android offering. It earlier released its own Android version, and it is now coming up with its own custom Android ROM named ‘Oxygen’.

As per OnePlus, the new ROM dubbed ‘OxygenOS‘ is ‘bold, powerful’ and offers a ‘straight-forward experience’. The new ROM will be unveiled on February 12th.

Announcing the new ROM, OnePlus said,

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what this ROM means to us and our fans. We realized that, like everything we do, our true goal is to make the product that we ourselves would want to use—to make great technology more accessible for everyone. With our ROM, that means software that is open, customizable, and free of bloat and unnecessary features.

The company goes on to compare its OS with the chemical element ‘Oxygen, saying that the name has been chosen as the element is ‘epitome of simplicity, yet it’s also extraordinarily powerful’.

OxygenOS will mark OnePlus’s entry into the software side of things. While most local Chinese brands rely on the stock Android version with a few minor tweaks, the ones who are making it to the big table have ome up with their own OS and software.

Xiaomi is currently the only Chinese brand which offers affordable handsets with high-end hardware and its own UI. We all know how popular Xiaomi’s handsets and its MIUI have become.

Cyanogen on the other hand ditched OnePlus in India when it partnered with Micromax to exclusively sell the Yu range of smartphones. Cyanogen is also reportedly in final stages of receiving investment from Microsoft.


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