No matter how unlikely it sounds, both Facebook and Instagram went down today (they are now UP) and Lizard Squad has taken responsibility for the same. Looks like Lizard Squad has been scouting for even the slightest website-down news stories, and then quickly tweets the same, taking responsibility.As for  Facebook and Instagram, the services went down about half an hour ago, and were inaccessible from both desktop and mobile apps. Apart from this, all services which depend on Facebook login also suffered similar downtime.

The group also claims to have taken down MySpace (not that it matters much though).

Many have hinted this towards a DDoS aatck, a term which has been lately associated with hacker group ‘Lizard Squad’

Hipchat and AIM were also affected by this alleged DDoS attack. No official word has come out from Facebook or Instagram.

Certain Sources have also told that no data-breach happened with Facebook and Instagram.

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