Adobe has today announced plans of bringing in its Lightroom Mobile app to Android. Lightroom, which was available for iPhones and iPads until now, is your photoshop on the go. It allows photographers to make basic, but professional edits to the photographs clicked while they are not accompanied by their DSLRs or Macs for editing.

And unsurprisingly, the Lightroom Mobile app for Android is pretty much similar to what Adobe has been offering on iOS devices till date.  It allows users to use their android smartphones to review and edit your images and have the changes sync back to their Lightroom catalog at home.

As for the features, the Lightroom mobile app for android allows you to access images in your Lightroom catalog, make selects, reject unworthy photos, apply a preset, fine tunes your images using the Basic panel, or import new photos directly from the Gallery.

The Lightroom mobile for Android app allows users to sync their collection from desktop Lightroom 5 libraries, using Creative Cloud. Once you’ve told the desktop app that a collection of pictures should be sent to Lightroom mobile, the process is handled automatically and the pictures will become available on your Android phone once it is connected to the internet. Any changes you make in Lightroom mobile will be automatically synced and updated back to the Lightroom catalog on your desktop.

Also, with Lightroom mobile app for Android, you get those amazing Adobe Smart previews to provide you with raw editing functionality on the go.

So how do you get started ?

Just download the app from Google Play Store (may take 24 hrs. for the app to appear on India Play Store), sign in using your Adobe ID and you’re good to go. However, do note that you need to have Lightroom installed on your desktop to work with Lightroom Mobile.

Also, Adobe has provided Lightroom Mobile for a wide array of devices, spanning from Jellybean to Lollipop. However, Adobe says that you would require a quad-core powered smartphone, 1 GB of RAM and some 8GB of internal storage before you can start using the Lightroom Mobile app.


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