Apart from rolling out an update for Skype’s iOS version, Microsoft has also come up with a new, Testing Program for iOS users. If you choose to sign up, you will get an insight into pre-released Skype versions and will be asked for feedback.

The latest testing program is for users who are aged 18 years or more, and allows them to give a feedback on the pre-releases of Skype. Skype’s upcoming version will be pre-released to these users for feedback, before a public launch. Microsoft said,

We’re looking for enthusiastic Skype users who are interested in providing feedback that will shape and enhance Skype for iOS to join our new pre-release program.

The interested users will probably have to fill a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to their joining. Users will have to fill in their basic details like name, address and country. Microsoft will provide early versions of Skype for iOS to them henceforth.

Microsoft said ,

we don’t want to spill the beans to anyone outside of this program and so please keep it a secret!

The general issues that the users may have to report may be unclear sound or lagging videos, disturbance (in the connection) or poor connection due to low internet speeds.

This is a rather safe game that Microsoft is trying to play here. They are providing a chunk of users with a test software to receive their feedback. Then they can easily monitor the easy, necessary and useful aspects with the useless or not to the point features. Many companies have done it in the past and this has turned out to be a safer  (we didn’t mean successful) and viable approach.

If you are interested in applying for the testing program, you can do that by clicking here.

As for the latest version, the new public update for Skype for iOS has a bunch of new/ changed features like visual refresh to dial pad, contacts suggestion when typing a similar number and a phone and video button on the top of the screen.

In Skype 5.9 for iPhone, when you start typing a phone number in the dial pad, Skype will suggest contacts with matching phone numbers, making it faster to find who you want to talk to.

Microsoft has also updated the new chat picker to make starting conversations easier. Once you’ve chosen who you want to talk to, tap the phone or video icon at the top to start your call.


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