The folks at Disney have a pretty interesting job. It’s obvious that most of us envy the people who work at Disney , largely because of the tasks they are assigned there, rather than our monotonous schedules. One such product coming out of Disney’s awesome labs is this really adorable beachbot which etches some beautifully massive images on the beach.

Disney’s last product, the 3D spinning top was obviously a huge hit. Then its other products like that software to turn 3d models into huge balloons, Disney has been at the centre of what we may call, funnovation.

Now they are building robots that can draw straggling images across the beach. The robot is called “Beachbot” (intuitive enough). It does so by dragging a set of pins across the beach and each pins can be raised individually so as to give a more detailed look. More depth of the pin equals thicker lines drawn.

This art-bot (that’s what we are calling it) starts by bringing down the poles that are used as markers to calculate the position and width. After this, the art-bot can either be given an image file to draw automatically or an artist can personally tend to the job.

The wheels of the Beachbot, which Disney is calling “balloon wheels”, are soft enough to walk on the beach without leaving marks, thus preserving the actual image.

Though it may not be your regular scientific project, but it does add to the artistic edge that Disney has always had. Disney has beach resorts. It’s guests would obviously love to see adorable pictures drawn outside their rooms when they wake up, and the image would be cleared up by the high tide by lunch (so convenient).

The project was built in collaboration with Swiss engineering school ETH Zürich.

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