Are you a mad, metaaal, MAIDEN fan just like me ? Well well well, There’s a huge, huuuge possibility that we may get to listen to the Dance of Death on a shiny new Iron Maiden branded pair of headphones.

While CES has always amused us with the glitz and glamour of some shiny new consumer gadgets being showcased there, this one particular product by Onkyo is the closest to my heart till now. The new brand, to be called Maiden Audio has been jointly developed by metal gods Iron Maiden and Onkyo Tech.

While I could have easily put an entire range of Maiden metal covers in this article, I’ll refrain myself from doing that now, and will let you take a look at our very own Eddie ( if you do not know who Eddie is, you’re probably not born for this metal generation) wearing those shiny new Maiden Audio headphones :


Iron Maiden un-ending, ever-increasing, resounding popularity is something which Onkyo will hugely benefit from. For those of you who are not aware of Onkyo, it is a Japanese home appliance brand, founded in 1946. Even if you didn’t know that, we have now given you enough reasons to love Onkyo.

And not just this, veteran rockers Iron Maiden also have a website for these new brand of headphones. You can rush in to Maiden Audio to have a look at those amazing launch photos, 2 minutes to midnight. (yes, I just can’t stop using Maiden songs in this particular article).

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