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It has been known for quite some time that Twitter is working on a Native Video service to rival with popular video sharing services like You-Tube, vimeo etc.. However, it has now revealed some more details regarding the first iteration of its upcoming video hosting platform.

First things first, Twitter’s video service is quite obviously aimed on generating more revenue for the company. According to details revealed, the video streaming service will allow its users to upload short, 10 minute videos. The service will initially support mp4 and mov format files with no limit on file size. The service will also feature a Tool, that will let users to post video by clicking on “Upload” button.

The service will not support URLs from any other video streaming services, and videos will be strictly hosted on Twitter. The Twitter Video Player will not support editing of the uploaded videos, it needs prior editing. According to the company, only Twitter Amplify users will get early bird access to the Video Streaming service.

Twitter’s decision to not allow third-party video streaming services, most notably YouTube is an interesting event, considering that it has been in the process of devising ways to earn profits. Adding videos to its own inventory and placing ads, could quite possibly be a huge source of revenue for the now-stagnant online social networking service.

Twitter’s user-base statistics haven’t been encouraging for the past quarter, and so is its valuation. The company recently lost both those races to Facebook-owned Instagram, whose valuation just doubled to a staggering $35 Billion.

Analysts too haven’t been very optimistic about Twitter, considering its limited user penetration, and even more limited revenue sources. We’ll have to play the wait-and-watch game to know as to how much does twitter actually succeed in bringing the video platform online, and generating expected revenues at the same time.

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