Seattle based anonymous employee feedback aggregator TinyPulse has raised a Series A round worth $3.5 Million led by Baseline Ventures, the company mailed us in press release.

TINYpulse is used by over 500 organizations including HubSpot, Deloitte, StitchFix, and Converse to help engage employees through an innovative platform providing continuous feedback loops, peer recognition, and comparative analytics. The company offers a free trial for its software as a service platform targeted at leaders who are committed to listening, change, and action.

TinyPulse has a rather innovative method of collection feedback from company employees. Rather than asking employees to answer a long survey or questionnaire annually or semi-annually, TinyPulse sends them an email with a single question each week.

Since surveys aren’t something which employees fill in seriously, the one-question per week approach lets companies keep a tab on their employee’s happiness quotient, and that too on a very regular basis.

TINYPulse founder David Niu, who also co-founded BuddyTV and Net Conversions, said,

Until today, I funded the company with my own money so that I could focus on our customer needs. Now that we have proven that TINYpulse works, we will be using the funding to build out our platform and invite more companies and leaders to join our mission to create a better workplace.

Baseline Ventures, which lead this Series A round, has invested in more than 80 companies and helped more than 25 companies exit profitably for founders and investors alike.  Notable Baseline investments include Instagram, Twitter, Exact Target, Heroku, Aardvark, DocVerse & Cake Financial.

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