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It was a case of serious whiplash of hype and protests that caused a big blow to Google’s dream of a computer on every face. Developers are walking away from Google Glass, the hardware foray of the software giant, reviewers calling it a fascinating, brilliant failure.

Brain Power, a start up company based in Massachusetts, doesn’t agree.

Autism is a developmental, neurological disorder that inhibits the brain’s social and communication skills. It is a major concern and the developers at Brain Power believe they can “unlock the power of the autistic brain”. They’re building software suites and hardware to transform Google Glass into a neuro assistive device- which will help parents and children to combat major features presented by autism.

The Empowered Brain, an autism suite designed by Brain Power, provides parents and children with tools to identify and assess  challenges and symptoms of autism, and gamified, fun training to overcome them. Although autism presents a complex dynamic behavioural pattern, unique to each individual, this tool suite address common challenges, like motor behaviour, social engagement and abstract category formation.

The tools record neural physiological and behavioural data through continuous monitoring, process them and provide intuitive, simple feedback to anyone who needs it- the wearer or the physician. Brain Power emphasizes the fact the Glass is not a toy, it is a sophisticated computer that has sensors built in it, and they have patent pending ways to turn it into a biomedical device.

In addition to the amazing technological tweaking done to Google Glass, Brain Power has taken an approach that interfaces neuroscience and technology and human interaction, focusing on scientific methods to collect and harness data, and at the same time providing hope, clarity and community to people who have been battling despair.

Perfect example of how a device built for augmented reality is being used for something completely new and useful, without running into legal problems.

  1. Hopefully G will provide us w complimentary New-Version replacement devices w improved interface-access solutions – as us owners may have experienced user failed experiences w the earlier versions we’ve purchased
    #accessibility #issues

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