apple_store_3d_stereoApple goes one step  1Z0-409 exams ahead now, according to apple insider apple recently patented a 3D display system that works with digital images instead of physical objects like those you might find in novelty stores.It uses familiar mirror box type design.

Apple Insider reported that a document discovered on Thursday describes an interactive three-dimensional display system that allows users to “touch” objects in mid-air, presenting 1Z0-450 exams the illusion of an advanced hologram.The projected image could then be manipulated and interacted with by a user.It also provides user a touch based input that are built in display screen and can be detected by  lasers.

Apple insider reports that the basis of the technology can be found in the popular UFO-shaped mirror boxes that “project” a 360-degree 3D image of an object placed inside. To the user, a strawberry, stone or other solid entity seemingly floats just above an opening in the middle of the box.

Big tech giants like Microsoft have already used this technology before and Amazon is set to release a smartphone with some 3D display functionality.Apple’s 3D image presentation and tracking system is similar to a 360-degree viewable display debuted by Microsoft Research in 2011.So this technology from Apple aren’t seem new.

Apple’s interactive 3D image display patent application was first filed for in 2012 and credits Christoph H. Krah and Marduke Yousefpor as its inventors.