North Korea has once again quite rightly lived up to its “rogue nation” reputation by releasing a response which threatens the U.S. of grave consequences, if it does not include the wretched nation into a joint investigation of the massive cyber attack on Sony Pictures.

The response, released by North Korea’s “publicity arm” KNCA has further notched up the heat level on an already sensitive issue by terming U.S. allegations as “absurd” and that it would take serious actions against anyone who “dares to frame criminal charges against their sovereign state”.

Pyongyang has offered to help in investigating the cyber attack by forming a “joint investigation” team for the same. Now, that idea of U.S. and DPRK coming together to form a “Joint Investigation” team is as laughable as DPRK’s threat to the U.S.

However, KNCA did not restrain itself from going into immense detail about how “The Interview” was an attack at the “highest level”, on the dignity of a “sovereign state such as DPRK”. It further goes on to term the recent FBI findings as “childish” and clarifies how it had never even known of the attacks, let alone be a part of it. (based on the rough translation)

This statement is a result of FBI’s claims that alleged North Korea for the devastating cyber attack. The scale and intensity of this cyber attack was the highest ever in the history of cyber attacks against companies on U.S. soil.

Here’s a Google Translation of the entire statement : Click Here

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