It seems like Apple is heading towards Android-Like gestures for its products . As per the recent reports by Apple Insider, Apple has patented a pair of few applications published by USPTO which describes one of the most common feature of Android smartphones i.e. is gesture-based unlocking system for iPhone or iPad devices.

Althiugh the system seems pretty much similar to Android’s current unlocking system, but it is much more complex than android’s. Also, the complexity will make it extremely difficult for hackers, to hack into the device. This new patent lock screen from Apple allow user to change it in terms of both size and position. It also includes an invisible dot system, which is almost similar to what android offers today.

The new lock screen is smart enough as it provides user to enter the code in various ways which includes counting things like the speed of entry, pauses and other timing elements into the code, therefore if the same gesture is entered in different ways it will produce different results until the correct order is followed to unlock the phone.

That is still not enough.

The system also support multi-finger input and has a password strength meter which will judge the strength of your password on factors like how long they were, how complex, how random.

Apple’s gesture entry patent application was first filed for in 2012 with invention being credited to Brandon J. Casey, Jake M. Logan, Erik M. Cressall and Stephen H. Cotterill.