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Alibaba was the most searched IPO on Google in 2014

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Alibaba, which launched Internet history’s biggest ever IPO this year, was also the most searched on Google. Google today released its search trends for 2014 and in the category of IPOs, Alibaba topped the list ahead of GoPro and KingDigital.

Here’s the complete list of the most trending IPOs on Google in 2014 :

  1. Alibaba IPO
  2. GoPro IPO
  3. King Digital IPO
  4. Virgin America IPO
  5. Castlight Health IPO
  6. Weibo IPO
  7. IPO
  8. HubSpot IPO
  9. Lending Club IPO
  10. GrubHub IPO

Since its IPO launch, Alibaba has crossed the $100 share price and has only seen increments to the other side. On the first day after its IPO launch, Alibaba had registered a staggering 36% increase in its share prices. Stay Tuned as we bring in many more interesting aspects from Google’s Top Searches in 2014

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