As per a recent report in Canada’s The Globe and Mail, Apple has found itself entangled with the Canadian Competition Bureau (via Apple Insider) on ground of using unfair practices during carrier deals.

However, as per the Canadian watchdog, no evidence against Apple’s Canada operations has been found regarding the allegations. The case is still under investigation though. The competition bureau has also sought a court order to compel Apple to turn over records.

The Bureau however has been stressing the fact that no clear evidence has been found by the watchdog against Apple and it is not filing any application with the Competition Tribunal or any other court regarding the means to redress the issue of anti-competition practices.

In an e-mail to The Globe and Mail, Greg Scott, a spokesman for the bureau said,

Should evidence indicate that the Competition Act has been contravened, the Commissioner will take appropriate action

The bureau hasn’t made it clear as to whether they have approached other Canadian telecom players, who partnered with Apple, for the same probe.

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