It has been a real hard week for Uber. We’ve already lost count on the number of bans which the app-based cab company has faced. Now, in a fresh statement on the New Delhi incident, Uber is finally looking to come out from its cold-hearted series of statements and rebuild its demolished image.

In a statement, sent to us (also available publicly now) Uber is talking about Moving towards a Safer Delhi, “Together“. Well, that together pretty much clears the fact that Uber is definitely in negotiations with the Government as it doesn’t intend to loose on to its largest market outside the U.S. In the recent $1.2 Billion fund raise, the over $40 Billion valued cab company had made clear, its intentions to expand more aggressively in Asia, specially in India.

In its latest statement, Uber says,

We are sorry and deeply saddened by what happened over the weekend in New Delhi. Our hearts go out to the victim of this horrible crime. We have been and will continue to do everything in our power to assist the authorities to help bring the perpetrator to justice.

Karun Arya, Uber’s Communications Lead for South Asia goes on to say ,

The events of this week have made us reflect on our operations in India  and we are immediately undertaking a number of important actions. During this review, we will suspend operations in New Delhi.

Uber has laid out a four point agenda to make Uber rides safer in India’s capital, and has also partnered with NGO’s to spread the message. Uber has promised to come back “better and stronger” for the New Delhi community. Here’s the complete 4-point program,

First, let us acknowledge that we must do better; and we are conducting a full audit of our verification, rider feedback and support processes. We are implementing measures to ensure that critical rider feedback is escalated immediately and immediate action is taken in every instance. We are also re-reviewing rider feedback on every driver partner across India to make sure nothing has been missed.

Second, we are assessing all driver screening processes. We are evaluating additional screening options to include background checks on all our driver partners in India above and beyond what is currently required.

Third, we will also bring in our global best practices where it would enhance our India safety efforts.

Fourth, we will also partner closely with organisations that are championing women’s safety here in New Delhi and around the country.

Safety is our top priority. We are fully committed to partnering with and are in discussions with the government, other transportation organisations and safety experts in India to implement robust solutions to ensure a safe ride.


In an e-mailed response to our query regarding functioning of Uber in other cities, Uber has replied that the company will continue to operate in all its current cities, except New Delhi. Stay Tuned for further development.

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