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This free 50 minute tutorial teaches you how to make an Apple Watch App

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Apple recently released Watchkit to developers for building apps for its upcoming smartwatch. Well, it may just not be a developers’thing anymore. Developer Nick Walter has put a free video tutorial online which teaches you to build your own app in less than an hour !

If you like the free tutorial, you can sign in for his full course for as low as $39 on kickstarter. And if you are planning to buy one of those shinny new Apple Watches, you can easily design a custmised app to suit your needs.

Nick has ascertained that you require absolutely no programming skills to join his course and hence develop the app. He goes on to say,

I will walk you through how to make 4 different apps. If we reach our stretch goals, we will make 8 apps. Each app will teach you a different skill so that you can make your very own dream app.

Nick Walter recently came into spotlight when Forbes reported on how he made $66,000 with a similar Kickstarter project on how to make apps for iPhone.

Here’s the free 50 minute video tutorial for you :

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