A Lenovo Yoga Pro 3

As per reports in Taiwan-based DigiTimes, Lenovo, the Chinese handset maker (and yes, that iPhone 6 copy too) is planning to launch new Chromebook models, targetting the sub-US$170 segment in early 2015.

Analysts expect, that this move will further bring down profits for other notebook vendors, specially the traditional ones. Most of the, once, high-end notebook vendors like Sony (VAIO), Samsung etc. already shut their shops down, earlier this year. The lone standing recognised brands, in this field include Apple, HP (which is also seeing tremendous decline in shipments) and Chinese brands like Lenovo and Acer.

As for the configuration. Lenovo will not be using the Intel chips for its Chromebook CPUs. Instead, they will be powered by CPUs from China-based Rockchip Electronics and produced by China-based ODM Bitland Information Technology. Rockchip will also be responsible for the integration of the supply chain for Lenovo.

As per an independent research, Lenovo is expected to ship over 1.5 Million Chromebooks in 2015, a staggering 212% increase as compared to this year.

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